Soul Impact [Bakuretsu Fusen] [Soul Calibur]

Ivy and Taki – two rivals from the world of “SoulCalibur” videogame series. They both look curvy and sexy in their latex suits so even the fight of these two always looks hot and intense… and now just imagine how hot and intense would be the act of hardcore lesbian love between these two! Actually screw the imagination – you can enjoy all the kinky details in this very comics!

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[Wagamama Dou] CGR (CODE GEASS Hangyaku no Lelouch) [English]

Dark skinned, dark-colored hottie with huge round tits, and a long ponytail – the fans of “Code Geass” anime already should know that we are talking about Viletta Nu, but with a quite important addition in this tale: she will finally put her big bodycurves, tits, and other sexy ones into good use in order to please her master and to ease him into her latest blunders… Read and have fun!

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Mitami Sai V

When Cassandra from “SoulCalibur” was born with an enormous stomach, she transformed from a fighter to a slut and tonight she’ll gladly attempt to make the same transformation with her lovely friend Sophitia! She will not be doing this on her own, but will be doing it with a few big-cocked dudes. Cassandra might give birth following all the sexual sex she’s experienced in this particular situation.

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Uterus Complex 1

This is a tense tale about Sophitia gorgeous blonde woman who must defend her loved ones from the bad people who surround her. The people who are so awful will forget everything if they have the opportunity to see Sophitia in person. The problems may begin when there’ll be a whole bunch of these pervs willing to fuck Sophitia…

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[Aomori Ringo] Botetama Matamaty LOVE (Gintama) [English]

The cute, short-haired girl from GinTama’s “GinTamaā€¯ series has been described as the slut several times, however her sexual life will alter once she becomes pregnant. However, it’s not in our comics that depict the hentai. She’ll keep getting fucked for until she’s permitted! And she will be doing it very passionately, so be prepared for difficult moments, like a way too much blowout, for instance.

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[MIRAGE CAT (Suika Soda)] Yorozuya 4P (Gintama) [Korean]

The story will be published by the world of GinTama and will feature a nerdy guy who is extremely fortunate as two beautiful women are competing for his attention… and this comic is also an homage comic to hentai, so they will quickly master the most effective moves, such as handjobs or the titjobs. You can imagine the things they’ll be doing after you flip few more pages…

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This Pono fullmetal, fullmetal color Pono comic will reveal how two sexy blondes have a sexy relationship with an unfat dick. The girls first strip down before they begin to lick their fat dick. This causes their tight, swollen thighs to become wet. The girls then take turns jumping on the meat sausages to achieve the vaginal menopausal stage. They then are forced to show their round females. Enjoy the video.

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School Nurse Takame.

Takame, a busty nurse is employed by a school. She is a lover of young boys and is always a magnet for them when they come to the nurse’s office for a medical checkup. You will see today how Takame is playing with a young boy. She gets him onto the bed, then gets dressed. He then raises her huge dickand jumps out of her massive boobs. Takame will then sucker in a cock and licks large balls. After that, he jumps onto a sausage of meat and has a vaginal oozing.

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Female Warrior

The story of this comic centers around the life of a Female Warrior who protects the world from threats and aggression. But like all girls need time to recuperate. And so the busty beauty has fun with a huge daddy. She continues to fiss herself, and she again reaches vaginal orgasm. Then he rapes his chocolate eye. A man from the neighborhood arrives to help her. The wild fuckfest starts. Learn more about it by going through the comic.

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Metabolism DQ-U

A comic in black and white about a gorgeous woman who was taken prisoner. She was searching for treasure , but was snatched by a band of robbers. They brought the girl into the camp to spit on her. The gang members began by ripping off the girl’s clothes , and then started to spank her on her huge milky watermelon. And then they began to seduce the girl with her round ass. Sexual sex is the main goal for bandits, and they will rape the girl again and repeatedly, making her cry in pain and pleasure.

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