Nippon Onna Heroine

Everyone is tested in the “SoulCalibur world” and Taki’s battle will be very difficult because her opponent has a distinct combination of abilities and is… very cute! If he manages to win this battle then there’s a great possibility for Taki to become his own sex toys! Since this comic is a hentai parody the winnerof the fight is kinda evident.

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Soul Survivor [ReDrop] [Soul Calibur]

Welcome to the world of “SoulCalibur” where sexy Ivy and gorgeous Sophitia will battle one another once more, but this time , their fight will not be on the field of battle because this time they will be partcipants in a competition that is different in nature – they will show which is more likely to bring more cocksto cum! In addition, there will be appearances by other hot SC ladies!

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[email protected] 4 (Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion) [English]

The majority of the comics are all about fucking and no matter if it’s a wealthy hottie who somehow stumbled into bad neighborhood and got caught ganbanging there, or be three entertainers dressed in playboy bunnies- the end result will be with big tits bouncing, round, shaky asses hard cocks thrashing and huge loads of cum firing! Oh the other thing is that the majority of these characters are from the anime show “Code Geass”.

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[Arabatos] Code Geass Futa

Looks like in the realm of “Code Geass” the Halloween parties are way more fun and thrilling than any other and that’s not just because you will meet a whole of sexy hotties like Milly or Kallen dressed in sexy outfits, but also because these chicks are actually futanari and you already can say that the party they’re being invited to will surely be one to remember!

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(SUPER23) [a 3103 hut (Satomi)] ! (Gintama)

It’s not a long timeto enjoy hentai parody to observe that slim chicks with small tits tend to be the most slim. And this comics which is inspired by characters from the anime series “GinTama” is going to confirm this idea once more! You will need to be able to read the manga in japanese in order to experience more than the hentai scenes.

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[3745HOUSE (Mikami Takeru)] Yubisaki no Ondo (Gintama) [English]

This is exactly why the hentai parody category was designed for: to demonstrate that your anime buddies can be more close than you thought. If your most loved anime happens to be “GinTama” and you don’t mind of having a significant amount of yaoi-orirnted content, you definitely should check this oneout! There is more information on our site.

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Winrys Vibrator

Even Ed who is the main character in “Fullmetal Alchemist”, has days when even Winry her blonde hottie, isn’t enough to support him. However, luckily Winry is skilled in not only using tools but also creating them! You probably know what type of invention she will be working on next assuming this comics is not a hentai-themed parody comics!

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Utter Iron Alchemist Under Blue 11

Riza Hawkeye is a cartoon character from “Full Metal Alchemist”. The slim blonde beauty is a tough one. How else would she be able to handle all the tough female cocks trying to enter her fuckholes. No matter the number of sets of balls she drains there will always be another and, of course, for our blonde slut it will be nonetheless capable brunette Izumi Curtis…

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Metabolism DQ-M Kanjuku Manya-san

Manya-San (from “Dragon Quest”series) is magician in many ways- not only she has special skills but her beautiful curves could amke any guy to be in love with her! However, the real magic will begin when she is willing to accept the plea of an unattractive dude to have sex with him! There is no doubt about the motives behind her actions, but one thing is for sure that the hentai scenes is awesome!

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In a fantasy world the rules of the game differ from the reality. The most attractive magicians will always get at least one client when they shoot a commercial. And even if this client won’t be too rich it is certain she will receive all she desires from him in one way or the other… andsince this is a hentai parody it is likely that you think about what exactly ‘ways’ we are discussing.

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