A Church Beak

The overprotective character leaves Tifa Lockhart no doubts so when there is a fight aheadshe won’t take a one step back. What if this parody was about hentai? The short fight will soon become the more lengthy fucking. This could be more difficult but also may expose some of Tifa’s individual qualities which were not well-known prior to…

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Futa Kuja Auction!

Big tits, sexy and hot and a very adorable Dick – if your into futanari themed hentai even alittle bit then you will definitely like the main heroine of this story! Let’s hope you don’t end up in the same position as the guards which she will be trying to charm and then use for the sole purpose of revealing it to herself. Do these guards swallow the bait, or is our hottie making a mistake?

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[Saishuuheiki Megane (Uniuni Usagi)] ReMarriage (Bleach)

It is possible to notice Orihime from “Bleach” in this parody comcis, with big boobs , and Chibi-style. These are her big boobs. However, don’t fret whether it’s chibi or notbut it is still a hentai parody so our busty redhead heroine will get a regular care for her bodycurves and she will take a proper care of some lucky dude’s boneranyways! Warning – the elements of comedy are present!

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Sariban no Hasai Nichi

Capturing Shihouin Yoruichi and then making her a bait to draw in Soi Fong sounds like the perfect idea! And it even works just as it should at first. But the most exciting adventures happen when things do not go as planned. A gigantic demon with a huge tongue who enjoys having sex with hotties is one such example.

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At the beginnings

People who reside in areas with cold temperatures require the ability to take on a variety of tasks in order to stay warm. And , of course, Katara and Sokka aren’t any different. They have chosen the most efficient, but also the most enjoyable method to play a game and have fun doing it every chance they get! They also are having avatar Aang travelling with them…

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Tsunade’s Obscene Jail

It is obvious that the issue the jinchuuriki with nine tails has grown quite serious as Naruto’s friends will use one of the most ultimate ways to solve it : they’ll try to get him to do it literally! First attempt is conducted by Hinata, and if she fails, Sakura and Lady Tsunade can help.

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[Okunev] Terra and Beast Boy (Teen Titans)

It’s hard to believe but the romance between Beastboy and Terra are becoming quite heated occasionally. For example during tonight’s walk in the park Terra would like to engage in a chase game. The odds of winning are nil because of Beastboy’s ability to transform into one of the fastest (and fastest!) creatures possible. beastsso you can be sexy tonight. He will win his prize which will be… sexually sexy time with Terra ofcourse!

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Barely EighTeen Titans – Lol JK

Beastboy was always a fun to play around, and for Raven to be able to go back to reading her novel, she must find the best way to get him in the most fast and most effective manner. And what else this way is other than getting him sexually sexy, and then sucking out all the juices out of him? We’re hoping that you truly enjoy all the moments when usually cold Raven reveals all of her sexual passion!

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[Comics Toons] The course of the approach (The Simpsons)

It’s not a shock to learn that Ned Flaunders must visit the doctor. However, it might be a shock to you at the manner in which he is treated. While it will start with the normal undressing process but it’s going to quickly spiral over the top because it is being done by two slim and attractive nurses. Also, yes, a huge black straps will be used!

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Space Slut

It is time for the Simpsons family to move on… in a blaze! Although Lisa Simpson is not the only one, this does have some positive aspects. The blonde chick looks amazing in tight bodysuits, bodycurves and latex. Naturally, she’ll look even more attractive without it!

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