Manya Has Gone Bankrupt

“Manya Has Gone Bankrupt” is a hentai based comics about busty chick from the world of fantasy who lost everything at the casino , and is trying to figure out how to fix this situation. What is the best way to do this? With all the resources that she always has with her which would be attractive bodycurves, as well as the bare minimum of clothing… Highly recommended even if haven’t been a fan of “Dragon Quest” series.

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[Norasuko] Welcome Home Honey

Jessie Rasberry will be home after a long and tiring trip. She must be taken care of properly, and that is the treatment she can expect! Because leaving such a sweet hottie unattended to a good fucking when she really requires it is a terrible crime! The guy in question isn’t likely to be a criminal tomorrow.

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Misura wo Mederu Hon 3+1

A group of nekogirls relaxing in the bathhouse however, this comic is about hentai comics , so the definition of hot won’t be just about temperature. They’ll soon discover that they’re all naked and sexy, and the futanari is also among them. This is when the fun starts!

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Orihime-Chan De Go

The short-haired, slender woman with glasses is extremely horny every time when she meets Orihime andofcourse because it’s the hentai comic, her excitement will go much higher – and here and now she’ll finally be able to get Orihime as her personal sexual sexsalve! And if you think everything will end in an obnoxious lick and titty sucking then this hot chick is bringing you a huge (and very hard!) surprise for you!

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Orihime Inoue will be dressed in her school uniform, with a short skirt. If that’s not enough, she’ll change into a bikini. Although the comic is the format of comics, she will still spend a lot of time naked and having a fling. Enjoy!

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Avatar XXX – Book One

What are you going to find in these comics? The first thing is that you are going to witness Katara with really big large boobs, and a huge curvy a**! Also, let’s be honest. The other girls who will appear in this short but enjoyable story are likely to sport some lovely and sweet bodycurves, too. And ofcoruse thay all just cannot wait to put their amazing assets into really good action while you will be entertained!

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Avatar: The last Jizzbender Book XXX. Chapter 1: Prologue

Aang and his pals have had a lot of adventures, which makes moments of peace even more precious. You are sure Aang and his friends will cherish the moments responsible way! We’re saying they’ll have a lot of fun with one another! This is just the beginning. Be sure to visit our website for the next chapters.

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PM11 ~In Nin Dorei~

The majority of Konoha Village girls (yeap it’s “Naruto Shippuden”) are tough, but in this parody comics they will be seen from a different point of view. They’ll become hot and obedient fuckslaves that will be used in many disgusting or sexually abrasive ways. The girls featured comprise Sakura, Hinata, Tusnade andmany other!

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Starfires Shared Shower

If you happen to go to the Titan Tower then the very first place that you should visit is the… shower roombecause there are the most exciting and thrilling events which usually take place! If you’re lucky enough to go there at the very same time as Starfire and Beatsboy then you’ll have a great sex show! The best thing about it is that you are able to go there right when the comic turns the page!

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Teen Titans – Empathic Impasse

It is barely any secret and even in the official storylines Raven and Beastboy are able to detect some romantic notes at times, and ofcourse these notes will become more prominent in hentai parody comics like this one! Tonight Beastboy will try to seduce Raven, even though she might not initially be interested.

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