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Anime Hentai Story: "Sex slave Penny"

Chapter 1

Penny was nineteen; a pretty little thing, her slim body attracted male attention. She looked like a Florentine madonna with pale face and sensual lips framed by magnificent chestnut hair that glinted red in the sun. The impression was confirmed by the innocent expression in her clear, blue, doll’s eyes.

It was a month since she had left school to look for work. The aunt, who had previously kept her and paid for her studies, had been killed in a car accident, and Penny was making contact with the hardships of life.

On that particular morning, she was on her way to an address given her by the Students’ Employment Bureau. When she arrived in front of the rather luxurious building to which she had been sent, she took out the visiting card and, for the last time, checked the name of the man she had come to see.Victor Jennings, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, Third Floor.

As she walked up the stairs, the child began to pray that this time she would find a job. Her efforts so far had been a resounding failure because of her youth and lack of training, and the little store of money was dwindling. Trembling, she rang the bell. The door opened to reveal a young woman, elegantly dressed, who smiled curiously at Penny. Penny explained that she had come to apply for the post of secretary, that is, if it were still vacant.

The woman, who appeared to be about thirty years of age, looked at Penny with undisguised interest, and invited her into the lounge.

“Do sit down, Miss Harvey. I’m Mrs. Jennings. I expect my husband at any moment. But, if you don’t mind, I’ll ask you some questions first? That may save us some time. How old did you say you were?”

“Nineteen, ma’am.”

“Oh! how young you are. But anyone can see that by your baby face.”

“Am I too young?” asked Penny, almost in Continue reading

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